Did ya loose your cows???

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Did ya loose your cows???

Postby cutiepiepmu on Fri Aug 01, 2008 11:56 pm

I am cross posting this so hopefully we can figure out who owns these cattle!!!

Tonight we rounded up a moderate sized herd of adult cattle. All look like Brahma or belgian blue cross with horns. VERY skiddish and broke through my fencing(solid fence) but have been rotating turns with the neighbors to keep them pushed in a large field. If you are located around Hwy 3/Carney Lake/Jim dickenson area and have lost your cattle - Please email me or give me a call and describe. May be able to help round them up. State patrol spent SEVERAL hours trying to keep them off of the road earlier and the cattle are tired and thirsty. I am concerned that they need to get to water at this point but can't get them back into our equestrian facility in the dark.

If you are missing your cows - please - get in touch.

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