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PostPosted: Tue Aug 29, 2006 5:42 pm
by Rachelle
Okay, here's a little secret... I use my daughters pony saddle. Sshhh don't tell her. It's the only saddle that I can get the stirrups up far enough on. At least I'm small enough I can actually get my rump into it. :wink:

As for the reins well, I gave up and now use two lead ropes, the ones without the swivel heads. I guess my horses have too long of necks and I have too short of arms... Bad combination.

I think Mandy and 'B' will do fine once the tack is squared away. They seem to deal well with each other. I have someone else come and teach my daughter (well I did, she's moving now....) sometimes having a different person with a different approach is helpful. Also, getting the same 'things' from different people often shoots the point home a lot better. People tend to remember it better. They'll do fine. You did such a good job matching everyone. :D

PostPosted: Tue Aug 29, 2006 7:35 pm
by Rex Paperd
Okay Rex - I just have to do you fall asleep and fall off a horse?

Well, imagine that you are kicked unceremoniously out of bed at six am to go out and bring in the horses. Then, you grain about forty of them, then curry comb and brush about forty of them. After that, you saddle and bridle forty or so. Finally, you get on one and ride it all day long to keep an eye on the rest while people rent them at the barn for three dollars an hour. After about twelve or fourteen hours on that horse, day after day mind you, one can eat, drink, smoke, sleep and dream of a life without horses for the next eight hours!!!!!

I took my first trail ride on a horse in thirty plus years, just a couple weeks ago with Julie, Mandy and Cassidy!!! Loved every minute of it too and stayed awake for the whole ride!! :twisted: