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Is Connor broke?

PostPosted: Sat Sep 16, 2006 11:11 pm
by Juliane
After getting trimmed this afternoon, I decided to see what he'd do if I tried jumping up on him. After a couple half hearted attempts, he continued to stand there as quietly as before. He didn't seem perplexed, surprised or worried about me trying to jump up on his back.

So, I had Dan give me a leg up and then swung a leg over. Connor was fine! I am fairly certain he's broke, especially with how this coincides with his reaction to being saddled (none).

If I have time tomorrow, I hope to hop on Connor and see what he knows :) Unfortunately, I am WAY too big for him. I thought I was huge on Rory - Hmmph! My feet almost drag the ground when I am on Connor! Poor guy!



PostPosted: Sun Sep 17, 2006 7:57 am
by ptownevt
That's some wild stud Chelsea got herself there. How did that mix up happen? I wonder if someone is looking for him? He did not come in off the range with a bunch of reservation horses. Anybody check him for a microchip or check the ads looking for lost horses?

PostPosted: Sun Sep 17, 2006 9:07 am
by Rachelle
He just might have been with the reservation horses. He very well could have been trained as a youngster and then turned out when they decided his babies would make nice additions.

We lived by the Nez Pierce reservation growning up and they did that all the time. Years later they'd sell the horse as wild because it hadn't been touched in so many years, some were really hard to handle and needed to be completely retrained, others were like they had been ridden the whole time.

Especially possible since they did say they think Conner is closer to 8 years instead of the 3 or so they figured before...

Either way he's a great little guy. :)

PostPosted: Mon Sep 18, 2006 10:46 am
by seahorse
Pam I think you are right- we should check around and see if he is a stolen pony or if anyone knows any more about him. He is a VERY high quality pony and i would feel terrible if we have a stolen pony! Of course I would feel even worse because we have gelded him.... :shock:
I am hoping it is just another case of people throwing away a pet like trash and us being fortunate enough to be able to "rescue" him and get him on the road to a great 2nd chapter in his life! I cannot wait until the weather allows us to evaluate just how trained this guy is.

PostPosted: Fri Sep 22, 2006 5:08 pm
by ptownevt
I did do some looking around, but didn't see any listing that looked like him. It is surprising what people throw a way, though. So it is entirely possible that he is another throw away horse.

PostPosted: Sat Sep 23, 2006 9:08 am
by cat_67
ptownevt wrote:That's some wild stud Chelsea got herself there.


He looks like a sweetheart.