An excellent trail mount!

15+ year old Quarter Horse gelding. Old style QH with substantial bone and muscle. He is aloof, been through a lot of changes and needs someone to focus their attention on him.

An excellent trail mount!

Postby Juliane on Sun Dec 10, 2006 3:50 pm

Since the minor fiasco occurred on Friday night when Cassidy's potential adoptive home came out see him, I've decided to try and figure out what the bucking issue was all about.

I pulled him out today to work with him in the arena. Jessica and I were also considering going riding on the trails - though I wasn't sure if Cassidy was a good choice for that.

Jessica and I were able to saddle him up, lead him to the round pen and send him off without any problems. He never bucked, hunched his back or had any issues! I still don't understand what happened the other night when Julie was here. The only thing different that night was it was dark and I slapped Cassidy on the rump with the lead rope.

Today I worked on throwing the lead rope at Cassidy's rump, letting it hit the saddle loudly. While startled and worried, he never took off bucking. I was not able to reproduce the bucking scenario, no matter what I did. I don't get it.

The good news is that I was able to get on and ride around the round pen quite a bit. I also used my Little S hackamore on him. The chain chin strap didn't bother his old bone spur/tooth abcess and he was much more responsive in it than he was in the rope halter.

Once I was comfortable with him in the round pen, we decided to head out on the trails. I must say, Cassidy is awesome! He's very sure footed and very much enjoys being out on the trails! At first I was nervous because he seemed really excited to move out, practically trotting down the trail. When I asked him to slow down, he'd toss his head. In my mind, I kept seeing him bucking and wasn't sure what to expect. That, and we had come up to a steep incline down into the rocky riverbed and I wanted to make sure I had him under control.

So, until I was relaxed, I had Jessica lead the way. This slowed Cassidy down alot as he followed along, but not crowding Syd. He was very sure footed as he walked down the slippery inclines, stepped over the large rocks and over downed logs. I was SO proud of him.

After today's ride, I wouldn't have any problem taking him out again or to an arena to ride. Previously I've always been worried about riding him, even in the round pen. From what I could tell today, Cassidy is broke (he's also barn sour!!! LOL). However, he may have some trust issues and isn't going to be a suitable match for someone who won't give him the confidence and reassurance he needs. I think he's been abused or hurt before.

I didn't get pictures of us on the trail because it was practically pouring down rain, but here's some of us riding beforehand in the round pen. Notice in the last picture how his lips flap when I pull on the reins. I was asking him to turn - he did this in response, before turning. I have seen horses do this before, but only horses that have been ridden extensively in a mechanical hackamore. Thoughts?!





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