New Digs!

8 year old, 16hh Bay Overo Paint stallion. Recovering from bad feedlot experience and injuries, causing blindness on one side.

New Digs!

Postby tmoore on Sun Jan 13, 2008 9:11 pm

For various reasons, I decided to leave my old boarding facility and move Dakota and Finn to a new place. There were things that I really liked about my old place, but the winter mud and lack of pasture was becoming overwhelming for both of my horses and I just couldn't stand it any longer :roll: I was primarily concerned about Dakota's right hind leg. He has a pretty bad scar on that leg and it has a tendancy to stock up when he doesn't move enough :cry: Although he had a nice stall, the mud in his paddock just wasn't allowing him to move as much as I felt he needed to move.

The new place is a little farther away, but it has wonderful flat pastures that they go out in during the day and have a paddock with a large shelter during the night . Dakota is still adjusting to the surroundings as there is another horse turned out with them, but I think overall he is doing well. Juliane came over today with Wy and she took some pictures of the "boys" in their new place. She commented that Dakota might be the opposite of claustrophobic in that so much space might be a little overwhelming for him. I am hopeful that time and having Finn with him(they have gotten quite close) will help him settle in. I guess it is just a balance between the phsyical and mental well-being for him. At least now his leg is back to normal :lol:

Juliane has the pictures, so either she or I will post them soon :D
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Postby Juliane on Sun Jan 13, 2008 10:28 pm

It was so great to visit with Dakota and his brother, Finn, today! I think they are both very happy with their new home. The pastures are so beautiful and flat! A perfect pony playground! :)

Dakota did seem a bit on guard, but mostly I think it is like Trish mentioned - he is overly cautious about his space due to his limited vision and the unfamiliar horse he & Finn share a pasture with. Too much space and he's really worried. I think he will learn to relax soon, but all in all, he did seem quite a bit more content than when I have visited him at his other barn! :)

What a great place Trish found to board at! I can't wait to check out the trail head right up the road! Here's a few pics I took from today... (the one of Finn's eye is actually kind of silly - when I first met him, he was very allergic of cameras! Anytime one would come out, he'd jump out of his skin, especially if it made a clicking noise or flashed! Today he walked right up to me and my camera and stood there expectantly, waiting to have his photo taken before moving on. LOL What a cutie!)





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