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Reuniting with his Mom & Dad

PostPosted: Sat Dec 09, 2006 9:12 pm
by Juliane
I took Mi Amigo back to his owner's house today. Since the vet's visit confirmed our suspicions of an advanced case of DSLD, I wouldn't be able to start Mi Amigo under saddle. :(

When I pulled him out of his paddock this afternoon, he was a bit more nervous than he was when I took him up to Jaime's a week ago for his vet appointment. This time he seemed to know he was leaving and wasn't coming back, as he called out to each of the resident horses here. I felt bad for him.

He loaded into the trailer like a gentleman and stood tied quietly as we got on the road. The trip to Elaine's was uneventful and Mi Amigo was quiet as I unloaded him. It was wonderful to see him perk up as he recognized his people, home and horsey family. He nuzzled a greeting to Elaine and her husband :)


We headed out to the pasture, though I had to keep stopping and circling Mi Amigo! LOL! In his excitement to be home, he was practically dragging me along! Silly guy! Shalizar and Shiraca were thrilled to see him as they all touched noses over the fence.


After a few minutes, I took him into the adjacent pasture and set him free. He was happy to plod along and investigate his old stomping grounds. It was especially heartening to see him so obviously relaxed and "at home"!


I will definitely miss this guy and in a weird way, feel as though I've let him down since I couldn't get him started under saddle and help him find his own forever home. :(

Please, if anyone is interested in this beautiful guy, he is still available on a Gift Contract as a Companion horse. Please contact Save A Forgotten Equine (SAFE) at if you're interested!

PostPosted: Sun Dec 10, 2006 2:58 pm
by Elaine

Well, I'm on amigo's black list for now. He misses you Juliane and is telling me it's not to his liking.
He didn't call to me as he used to when I went out today. When I showed up with the cart of hay, he nickered very lowly. He didn't want to look at me, but did just let me scratch his neck very briefly several times, but kept walking a few steps away.
While I was scratching him near the dividing fence, Shalizar showed his jealously very strongly. He lunged at Amigo with his ears flat back and his mouth wide opened. Thankfully didn't connect. What a butt. He never treated Mi Amigo that way before. He did more nose touching with me, and muzzle petting than he usually will too.
I took the hay away for about 1/2 hour and then went back. I made him eat his grain while I was holding the grain pan and kept petting and scratching him. He would keep lifting his head and look the other way. Guess I have some kissing up to do. I'm going to try to fix a small paddock for him for a while. Don't want him to get back to what he was.
If you listen, they will tell you a lot.
It was so good to see he was not shivering in the rain as he would have without the blanket.
Thank you so very much. Will keep you posted on him.
Any suggestions on how to deal with him will be appreciated.

PostPosted: Sun Dec 10, 2006 3:55 pm
by Juliane
Awww... Elaine, it sounds like you are doing exactly the right thing for Mi Amigo! He will warm up quickly, just give him some time :) He's such a cutie, I'm sure he's just a bit overwhelmed with all of the changes he's had in his life lately.

He spent most of his life quietly living at your property.. then he came to me, then I moved, bringing him to yet another property.. Then we spent the day at Jaime's for the vet check, then back to my place and then finally, back home to you. I'm sure he's just a tad overwhelmed.

I bet he'll settle in and be comepletely relaxed before long :) Just keep loving on him like you are!

Mr. Shalizar - I wish I could get my hands on you! :) We'd have lots to talk about! ;)

PostPosted: Sun Dec 10, 2006 4:17 pm
by Elaine
I wish you could get your hands on Mr. Shalizar too.
I know him, but just don't have the capacity or facilities to deal with his strongwilledness.
My daughter is buying a six foot high round pen for him and will be having a trainer work with him. Can't say I'm completely comfortable with it. I know she will take good care of him, but wish I knew more about the trainer.
You do have a special gift with horses tho. I was surprised the day you picked Amigo up. I've seen him with strangers over the years and he never accepted them or was comfortable with them as he was, almost immediately with you.