Safe & quiet under saddle :)

This teenaged bay Arabian gelding is in rehabilitation. Watch his progress as he goes through eye surgery, gains weight and returns to his original beauty!

Safe & quiet under saddle :)

Postby Juliane on Mon Feb 05, 2007 9:15 am

Buddy had a very quick assessment under saddle yesterday in an attempt to figure out how hard it would be to place him in a new home when he's ready. I was under the impression that Buddy was very likely broke, but no one had first hand knowledge of that.

So, yesterday I pulled him out of his paddock and tied him to the trailer. He was quiet and stood tied perfectly. He didn't dance around or pull back. Very nice manners.

After brushing him down, I saddled him up, using an old saddle pad that I don't use. It's so hard working with a QT'd horse! LOL I am not sure now if I should spray off the girth and breast collar of my saddle before using it on another horse, or if it will matter. In any case, Buddy was fine to be saddled as well.

We headed out to the round pen where I lunged him for a bit. I don't want to stress him out due to his potential contagious situation. At the same time, I wanted to know if he'd buck under saddle. He gave no signs of being uncomfortable. I only had him move out for 5 minutes.

Then, I worked on adjusting the saddle. He's still a bit skinny, and my girth was too big for him. Each time I tightened the girth, he'd turn his head around to touch me, with his blind side closes to me, I suppose for reassurance. He is really a very sweet horse!

Since the saddle wasn't quite as tight as I would have liked, and I was using the treeless, I had Jessica hold the other stirrup for me. I stepped into the stirrup, but before I could swing my leg over, I felt him tense up. So, I paused, laying over his back, giving him lots of reassurances.

When I felt him relax, I finally swung my leg over and sat down. Again, he was nervous, but not dangerously so. I am under the impression that his last time under saddle was very likely very traumatic. So, I wanted to give him an extreme amount of confidence.

Once he had again relaxed, I asked him to move out. He was quiet and solid. I was very proud of him! He is very light and sensitive, though not too much so. He is reasonable and sensible! He is affected by his blind side and 'shied away' when going in that direction, but I believe he will get over that very quickly.

We only walked around for about 15 minutes, but I felt that was good enough to get an assessment on if he'd at least be safe under saddle. Once he is done with his eye surgery, I will further the assessment, perhaps putting Cassidy on him to see how he behaves with kids.

I am very happy that Buddy was as well behaved as he was - this will make it easier to find a forever home for him!







*Special Thanks to Jessica and her hubby for taking pictures and being there to help!*
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Postby seahorse on Mon Feb 05, 2007 9:21 am

I am so happy that all of his progress has been so positive! All of his assessments he has been passing with flying colors- I am very thankful to know you and am so amazed at the level that you go to in order to help these horses that are on their last chance at a safe and happy life. Way to go Juliane and Buddy!
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Postby Hope on Mon Feb 05, 2007 2:24 pm

He is a cutie pie! Too bad I purchased another buddy for Hootie, as I'd snatch this guy up if I had the room. Hootie is already blind in one eye, so they'd be a great pair. But I got Benny and I owe it to him to get a start on him.
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Postby LorsaDoon on Mon Feb 05, 2007 4:18 pm

I am happy to hear that Buddy is doing so well. Maybe he will finally be able to find a loving forever home after you have rehabilitated him. He surely deserves it.
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Postby shireluver on Mon Feb 05, 2007 10:25 pm

How wonderful to see that he did well under saddle. I look forward to his future updates. Maybe even seeing him on a trail ride in the future :D
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Postby Foxy Frosty on Tue Feb 06, 2007 6:03 pm

I love this horse! I knew it! ;)
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