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Buddy's Teeth Floating & Vet Appt

PostPosted: Sat Mar 24, 2007 2:36 pm
by Juliane
So, today marks the 2 month anniversary that Buddy has been in my care. I picked him up on January 24th from his previous home. I think he's improved in leaps and bounds :)

This morning, I took him up to Jaime's (schwung) home where Buddy was seen by Dr. Hannah Evergreen. She did an overall physical exam on him and proclaimed him to be in excellent condition. His weight is good and now only needs it to turn into some muscle.

She also did a flexion test on his hind pastern with the high ringbone and felt he was very sound. She even suggested he go to an endurance home due to his high energy and desire to go-go-go! :)

After all that, Dr. Hannah floated Buddy's teeth. His teeth weren't in too bad of shape, but definitely needed some help. He had some sharp edges and ramps. She also put some bit seats in to help with his head tossing issue. Hopefully this will make a difference!

I was most pleased to see how easy going and happy Buddy was today. When I have taken him to drill lately, he's been hard to handle and completely obsessed with my mare, Dandy. At Jaime's, he was level headed and mostly easy going. I guess I need to start working him without taking Dandy along!

Before his appointment started, we let Buddy and Romeo roam around the arena. They both had a blast rolling to their heart's content and then frolicking around :) Here's a short video clip: ... -24-07.wmv






PostPosted: Wed Mar 28, 2007 10:50 pm
by Juliane
For anyone who's interested, here is a copy of Buddy's vet report:

3/24/07 Farm Call

Examined at:
Jaime Taft
Monroe, WA 98272

Buddy: Bay Arab gelding, DOB: ‘93

History/Presenting Concern: Exam

Physical Exam:
Temp-100.9, Pulse-48, and Resp-20 = WNL, MM: pink, CRT < 2sec, GI +/+ = WNL. Heart, lung and GI sounds WNL. BCS of 4.5/9. Bright, alert and responsive. Eyes, ears, nose, lymph nodes, sinuses, musculoskeletal, integument within normal limits other than: Mild fetlock sensitivity on front limbs. Dermatitis on all four limbs. Left eye removed. Left hind ringbone. Distal limb flexion left hind 0.5/5. Dental exam revealed: Sharp buccal and lingual points. Mild ramp at 106/206. Hooks on 103/203, due for dental float.

Dental Float: (2 ½ xyl + 2 xyl + 2 xyl) Reduced buccal and lingual points, reduced ramps at 106/206, reduced hooks at 103/203, applied bit seats, and reduced canines. Reduced hooks.

Cleaned Sheath: Minimal bean, moderate smegma.

Removed sutures out of left eye at surgery site.

Looks good overall. Treat dermatitis with medicated shampoo (chlorhexidine, betadine, microtec, etc) weekly until healed.

Ringbone: Buddy’s ringbone does not appear to be causing him lameness at this time.

De-worming recommendations: Yearly fecal flotation exams recommended for assessment of your de-worming program and parasite load. Rotate de-wormers used (ivermectin+/- praziquantel-[Equimax], pyrantel-[Strongid], moxidectin-[Quest], fenbendazole-[Panacur]) using pyrantel in the spring and Ivermectin + Praziquantel (for tapeworms) in the fall, de-worm every 2-6 months depending on fecal float results, parasite load, pasture management, number of horses, etc. Use pyrantel + praziquantel now.

Vaccination recommendations: West Nile Virus yearly in the spring, Tetanus yearly (often done in the fall), Flu and Rhino yearly (often done in the spring), EEE/WEE if going East of the Cascades. It is best to minimize how often horses are vaccination as well as to spread out vaccines at least 2 weeks apart so multiple vaccines are not given all at one time to decrease risk of vaccine reactions and/or side effects, however, vaccinations are often given all at one time due to practicality.

Dental float and physical exam recommendations: yearly.

Please call or email with any questions or concerns:
Dr. Hannah Evergreen