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Trust & Respect At Liberty

PostPosted: Wed Jun 06, 2007 8:08 pm
by myhorsefaith
I had a great session with Buddy today. I went out there with the intentions of riding, hauled all my stuff out of the car, schlepped it to the barn.

Well, it started to drizzle a little bit, and well, my nice saddle just wasn't going to get wet n dirty :lol: :roll: So off Buddy and I went to the round do what? Hmm, didn't really know just then. :?:

As all of you know, Buddy is very herd sweet. I suspect this because in his view, humans aren't all that great to be around, and well, horses are! :wink:

We got to the round pen, and boy did he have some energy, for the first minute or so I saw him use it tossing his head, and darting from one end to the other in search of his herd. :shock: :roll:

I decided to get him moving at least, and just established a "go forward" drive. From there, I didn't really move my feet. Buddy began to really quickly clue in to me, and less to the outside world. I trusted him to clue in to me. I was not going to micro-manage him, I wanted him to know I respected his judgement.

A couple times he stopped, and immediately wanted to take off again. When he did this, I let him- his choice to use all that energy. This went on a few times and he soon realized I wasn't asking him to do anything. I wish I could've captured the look of surprise on his face.

From there, we worked on my ability to approach him, and retreat, but with him keeping his attention on me. The first few times, during my retreat, he'd want to refocus on the horses. So that is when I began driving him forward again. It wasn't before long that I could start, stop, turn, approach, pet, retreat- all with his attention right on me. Finally, a partnership was born.

And it wasn't before long that the zippy Buddy turned into a nice working Buddy- a calm, trusting, non-escaping trot.

Though we didn't do any riding or much at all, it was really good to be there with Buddy to have that conversation. Its one of those that needed to happen between us, and we discovered that today was the right time to have it. Had the weather been nice, we probably would've done something different. It was a quiet session in terms of exercise, but it felt like we were exchanging so many words between us.

Trust & respect is both of our responsibility, and I really hope he began to understand that with me today.

Once again, I am so proud of him. He's a good little man and very willing to be a trusting partner, we just need to prove it to him.

Goooooo Buddy! :D

PostPosted: Thu Jun 07, 2007 6:48 am
by seahorse
Incredible post! Very cool that Mr. Buddy is understanding quiet communication! He has always seemed so "frantic" when I have seen him away from his herd mates, so for him to have that moment of understanding you weren't asking him to do anything is huge for him! It is so cool to be able to read about his progress with you and Juliane. He is not an "easy" horse but I honestly think he is going to bond REALLY hard with the right person and be an amazing partner when the right one comes along.

PostPosted: Thu Jun 07, 2007 3:28 pm
by Juliane
Every time I read this post (I've read it a few times today), it makes me tear up. You have been so amazing for Buddy (and me). There were times when I literally felt it was hopeless for Buddy. He just seemed to tune out and become this dangerous boy as he frantically tried to find his herd.

Watching him turn into this soft, willing and communicative partner has been so enjoyable for me to watch (and learn from). Thank you for all that you do for him, Ally!