Refining her groundwork skills!

This stunning 6 year old sorrel 14.1 hand mare was rescued from the feedlot in May 2006. She has been started under saddle and is available for adoption to the perfect home.

Refining her groundwork skills!

Postby Juliane on Wed May 02, 2007 10:06 pm

Update from 4/11/07

A few weeks ago, Ally came out and got to play with Class in the round pen. We both had a great time watching Class' exhuberant antics when asked to do something. Class acted like a drama queen, and responded to each request (no matter what the request was), by racing around Ally as fast as she could. She definitely knows how to lunge! :P


After a short while, Ally was able to get her attention and stop her racing circles around her. Then, she started asking Class to give to pressure. Each request was met with a huge response. Instead of responding with the same amount of energy as the request was asked, Class would react like a drama queen, bolting in one direction or the other.

Sometimes it seemed like it was because she was confused, but for the most part, it seemed to be a mixture of evasion and stubbornness. I believe she's probably intimidated her handlers in the past and figures she can get out of 'work' by racing around in circles.

It was really cool to see her start to work, and think about the requests being given to her. Ally mentioned that she had a very big play drive, and really needed a purpose to the requests, in order to perform then. For example, when asking Class to give to pressure by moving laterally (side passing), Class seemed to pick it up much easier when she side passed over a trot pole.

All in all it was an excellent session, and Class was very proud of herself when she was done! :)





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Postby tmoore on Thu May 03, 2007 1:48 pm

What a little stinker-butt! She did that with me when I first got her and I seriously thought she must have been a barrel horse the way she would race around me! It is funny that she is now testing you guys - guess it's her way of figuring out what she can get away with! It took a month or so for her to really understand that she didn't need to react so intensely to what I was asking. It is a fine line with her because she needs a person who can utilize her high play drive and also respond appropriately to her when she tests you :lol: I agree with the idea that in the past she used that playfulness to try and intimidate her handlers. Once we sorted out who was boss and I found out how to channel her energy, we had alot of fun!
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Postby myhorsefaith on Thu May 03, 2007 7:51 pm

oh my gosh it was hilarious!!!!! it was really hard to take her seriously- but once she showed me how her mind works & we got some good communication going- it was pretty fun!
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