Getting her teeth floated...

This stunning 6 year old sorrel 14.1 hand mare was rescued from the feedlot in May 2006. She has been started under saddle and is available for adoption to the perfect home.

Getting her teeth floated...

Postby Juliane on Tue May 22, 2007 9:14 pm

Class met the vet today for her teeth floating appointment. When I picked her up from Trish, she informed me that Class had some pretty big wolf teeth that would definitely interfere with her wearing a bit, and that she did need her teeth floated.

This has been one of the reasons that my training with her has been so slow to get going. Anyways, I had a new vet come out today that I hadn't used before but had heard many great things about. I love my regular vet, NW Equine, but they are a tad spendy for basic maintenance items.

Dr. Lisa Poitros was good at what she did and I'd use her again, though she didn't seem to have the softness I'd like to see when working with some of the more fearful rescues. She did quite well with Class though :P

Class, on the other hand, is a heavy-weight! She needed two big doses of sedative in order to get her sleepy enough that she stood properly for her float. Her teeth were a mess - she had severe ramps and hooks and required quite a bit of corrections, as well as the extractions. Removing her wolf teeth was pretty painful looking, but Class is her normal self this evening!

It is recommended that I wait two weeks before introducing her to a bit. :)



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