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Week 7

PostPosted: Tue Sep 18, 2007 7:48 pm
by myhorsefaith
Sunday: light walk around the arena to loosen up from the day before

Monday: Lesson day! Sequoia nailed her rising trot- light bulb moment, for sure. Class did awesome teaching her!

Tuesday: OK, my hair is STILL soaking wet from the "shower" we got. Class and I were getting ready as one of my lessons cancelled, and the heavens opened. I wasn't about to untack so we rode through the pouring rain. hehehe. Class got a bit of a "challenge" as one of the boarders left one of the gates from her sacrifice lot to the arena open. instead of closing it, i decided to use it- see if we could ride right past without an issue- she certainly looked but a light brush with my outside leg and it was over.

Class also has a special friend/ fan club who started coming out on Sunday. This person was leasing another horse at RB, but it was not a good match for her skill level and general personality. On Sunday after watching Class in work, she casually inquired about Class's story and confided that she immediately felt better around Class than the other horse. Since then they've been coming to see Class every single day, LOL. Even just to stop by to say "hi" to her.

There is definite interest in possibly adopting Class- but she wants to be sure they are a good match (so do we!) and that she's sure about getting back into riding (which i think is super smart). So far, they are a great match- Class is treated like a princess but is given the boundaries she needs so she's not too spoiled.

I'm holding out because I don't want to jinx it!

PostPosted: Sun Sep 23, 2007 7:06 pm
by myhorsefaith
Wednesday: Lesson day! Class & Sequoia are getting along great. Class has been an excellent teacher to her!

Thursday: Day off for Classy.

Friday: Lesson day! Class and Pam rode together. Unfortunately Pam had her first fall...we're laughing about it now but I could've strangled her on Friday about sitting up. I forewarned the inevitable. So, Class jumped when a dog lunged at her from a parked car...Pam was not upright and off she went. I guess sometimes experience is the best teacher, LOL. :lol: Both horse and rider are fine. Pam got back on and though upset, rode through the rest of her lessons...shoulders back... :D

Saturday: Class and I rode in the roundpen, because a lesson was going on in the arena. Silly, this whole time with Class i never actually ridden in there. but what the heck, it was good to practice something new. We did some canter cueing and balancing stuff. Such a good girl, I'm just so impressed with her.

I'm gonna miss that little bugger when our time is done!