1st ride with the bit

Cassie is a gorgeous grey Appy mare that was rescued from the feedlot a couple years ago. She is owned by Ally (myhorsefaith), who is in the process of starting her under saddle. She is available for adoption to just the right home!

1st ride with the bit

Postby myhorsefaith on Fri Apr 04, 2008 9:35 pm

So, Cassie has had her first true ride off the bit :)

She's been working really well in the side reins as well as in hand, so today I decided to ride off the reins rather than the halter & lead. She did great! Got nervous a couple times and acted like everything was suddenly going to eat her in the arena :roll: But she did well. Did not actually spook at anything.

Upon mounting her back was a little humpy, but she got over it. She did not try any naughty stuff at all, but she sure was thinking about it for the first few minutes and then soon relaxed.

In trot she was actually seeking contact a bit- was so cute!

She's coming along nicely, I love working with her.
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