A long hard workout for the Princess...

Cassie is a gorgeous grey Appy mare that was rescued from the feedlot a couple years ago. She is owned by Ally (myhorsefaith), who is in the process of starting her under saddle. She is available for adoption to just the right home!

A long hard workout for the Princess...

Postby busted on Thu Aug 09, 2007 8:46 pm

Its been one long week at work and everyday it seems to get worse. It may just be time for all 5 of us to take a long long vacation and shut the shop down. lol So today after getting yelled at by three customers, two on the phone because I didnt have the answers they wanted to hear and one in person because again I didnt have the answers she wanted and didnt know why something wasnt done on her RV. I swear all the crazy people came to our shop this week to have their RVs worked on or to rent one. Nothing seemed to go right. Sigh.. But it gave me more of an excuse to head to the barn for long hours with the horses today. :P

I headed out right after I got home from work around 6ish. My main goal was to really push Cassie on the ground and also on her back. Once I had her saddled and in the round pen I changed my plans. We were going to join up and she was going to get over her sassy self and allow me to make the calls without her wanting to voice her own thoughts so to say. So off I sent her.

She has gotten alot better lounging. NO more stopping and facing you and protesting her work. I point the direction I want her to go and say out. And out she goes until I hold up my hands and say whoa. I threw in another command tonight to see how fast she caught on. When I wanted to switch directions I held up my arms and said switch while pointing the other direction and she caught on fast. I was so proud of her. It wasnt long before we were trotting both directions and changing directions without breaking pace or her stopping. 8)

It took about 45 minutes of trotting and changing directions before Cassie started to really think about giving up her way of thinking and lower her head. Her ear was on me right away and she started to lick and chew after about 10 minutes. It was just getting her to completely let her guard down and allow me to be in control. Needless to say she got a good work out tonight. She was drenched with sweat and ready to come in to me after almost an hour of circles. :roll: I was dizzy and my legs were getting tired of walking so much. lol

I took off her saddle and let her relax. Next thing on our list for tonight. Riding! :shock:

I drug in the water bucket and she stood by it while I struggled up on her. First I just had her lead attached to the bottom of her halter. But that wasnt enough, she didnt want to turn or listen at all. So out came the reins and they got attached to the halter. Alot better but she still protested turning and actually moving when I asked her to. No bucks or rears thank God but she did lay those ears back and glare at me. Then she made biting motions towards her chest, the reins and my boot. She is such a snob. lol Ask her to take a step while on her back and she has a cow. hehe But I am as stubborn as her and I dont give up. I asked again and growled when she protested. Off she went walking around. We took about two or three laps around the round pen and then I called it good. She protested but she walked, turned, backed and stopped with out bucking and rearing. Goal two completed!!!

I also played a bit with her. I grabbed the horse ball that was in the round pen and kicked it at her. She just stood there looking at me almost asleep. So I kicked it so it hit her hoof. Again nothing. I picked it up and tossed it. She just looked at it and then back at me. So I tossed it over her head. Nothing. Over the saddle. Nothing. Under her. Nothing. Golly Gee she could care less about that darn ball. I was so proud of her. My filly about wet her self when I moved the ball the first time. But the second time I moved it she went over backwards trying to get away from it. :roll:

After I put my saddle away, I wanted to hose Cassie off a bit because she was all sweaty and filthy. So she got a quick hose down on her back and chest. She didnt like that idea to much at first but decided that it wasnt so bad.

I was so proud of her tonight. I was beaming and bragging to everyone at the barn. She got a huge apple and tons of loves. Ally when you coming down to visit and watch her in action??

Sorry no pictures, there wasnt anyone there to take pictures for me. I may have to bring my boyfriends 9 year old son to the barn next time he ask to go so he can take pictures for me. :wink: He loves the horses.

I dont think I will be getting over the barn this weekend. I am helping my boss at a concert down in Napavine. Sawyer Brown is coming there Saturday. And then Night Rider on Sunday. lol Gonna be fun fun!!! I get to go back stage and meet the bands. And get paid to do it too!!! Last time we were there we saw Warrent (remember them from the 80's?) lol

Tell next time!
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