new pictures of miss cassie

Cassie is a gorgeous grey Appy mare that was rescued from the feedlot a couple years ago. She is owned by Ally (myhorsefaith), who is in the process of starting her under saddle. She is available for adoption to just the right home!

new pictures of miss cassie

Postby busted on Sat Oct 06, 2007 6:48 pm

I was able to snap some pictures of her as we lounged today. I met a new boarder today at the barn that boarded up at the Red Barn with Ally (myhorsefaith) Teresa. She said she will be my photographer tomorrow or anytime we are both there. I am super excited. She reconized Cassie right away.

I went out and free lounged her with the saddle on and after a quick warm up since she was listening so good we went right on to drive lines. She remembered what we worked on last and picked it up fast and seemed to be board of it already! lol So after a few trips around the round pen and working on turning and stopping I decided to hop on up in the saddle. Cassie made it very known that she perfers bareback over the saddle. Every step she offered a little pop up in her hinny. She got growled at a few times and I made a deal with her. Take two steps without popping up and we will go bareback. So she did just that. Took only two steps and stopped. :roll: So off came the saddle and up I went. We dootled around the round pen for about 15 minutes before she decided that she wanted to go eat her dinner and not listen to me. So I asked her to walk and pushed. Next thing I know up comes her front just a little and around she spun and off I came! I kind of swung off her like I was dismounting and landed in front of her on my feet THANK GOD! I still had the reins in my hand so I gave them an yank while I yelled at her that that was not okay. Back to the mounting block and back on. We rode for about another 15 minutes before calling it a night. I was go glad that I didnt land on my rear or arm and was able to get back on and show her that even if she gets me off we are still gonna work. lol She didnt like that. She was a good girl for the whole session except that little tantrum. But its not her fault. It was dinner time, grain and hay was going by us and there was a mare in the cross ties having a cow. So it was alot going on for her, we usually are out there alone after feeding time. I am proud of her on how she held it together and didnt do anything worse. I am thinking about hand walking her on the soos creek trail tomorrow with Teresa. Maybe I will get enough guts to hop on bare back and ride some of it. :wink:

So here are the pictures of her prancing her pretty self around the round pen!

Look at me go!!! I love my new pad and saddle!

La De Da I am a trottin around!

Mom says its time to turn and go the other way! What a good girl!

And the other way!

Round I go again!

Do I really have to wear the bit? I hate it!!!!

Look at my big butt mom! She loves to rub her rear in fresh poop on the stall walls. I scrub it all the time but she just keeps doing it! lol
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