New Hoofs ;-)

Cassie is a gorgeous grey Appy mare that was rescued from the feedlot a couple years ago. She is owned by Ally (myhorsefaith), who is in the process of starting her under saddle. She is available for adoption to just the right home!

New Hoofs ;-)

Postby myhorsefaith on Wed Nov 14, 2007 7:49 pm

The trimmer came out today, finally! Feels like we've been waiting forever.

Cassie was a rock star. I was late to the barn, stupid work meeting ran over. So it gave her a chance to watch the first 2 get done, and reacquaint herself with the trimmer.

By the time i got there, everyone was waiting on me! LOL All 4 of Cassie's hooves were done in about 20 minutes. She stood rock still, moving only 1 time when Dobie, the naughty pony, bit her bum, LOL. :twisted: She'll have to be done in a few short weeks again to make sure everything is going down the right track. But so far so good! 8)

So yay! We can start back to work officially! :D

Next steps shall include a vet check, blood panel, and a detox programme from a veterinary friend of mine in addition to getting back to work!
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