A Temporary Move

This gorgeous 15 year old Morgan gelding was rescued from the Yakima feedlot in July 2005. Cabo is looking for his forever home!

A Temporary Move

Postby myhorsefaith on Mon Aug 06, 2007 6:46 am

Hey everyone!

And update on Cabo.

Cabo moved to my friend's house this weekend. He getting so fat and SO cresty, I couldnt risk keeping him out on the pasture (even on the high dose of Remission...heheh :) ). I think he'd be fine under normal circumstances where he'd be getting much more exercise than he's capable of doing right now. Unfortunately, Red Barn is not a good place for him at the moment.

So, Cabo is spending the next 8 months or so at Harmony's Heart Farm in McKenna. He's actually right next to Barb Apple. The same farm fostered Cassie for me when she first came off the lot.

He's going to have a better eating situation, and living it up with 3 gorgeous Friesian mares.

In his place I have a 16 hh tb/ paint mix who is a hard keeper and could actually use all the grass out there. he's looking for his forever home, so between him and Class, I've got some work to do.

Ernie was started by Karen Irland, Barb Apple, and Marc Rea. He's definitely got the skillz but he's a little rusty, having had 7 months off.

Ernie's got his own blog: http://ernieandfriends.blogspot.com :D

I am really lucky to have friends like Ash who can help during times like this.

I plan on keeping an eye out for closer boarding for Cabo, and even bringing him back to RB when a gelding spot opens in the barn. But even right now, there is a lot of grass out there for the stalled horses on turnout. they don't always get stalled at night. So the soonest I'd feel OK to bring him back is in the fall.

I'll be visiting my man frequently, so if anyone wants to come down with, let me know! Its a drive, but the place is beautiful! :D
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