Dandy's Cow Sorting Clinic!

This 8 year old AQHA mare is my pride and joy. Rescued from the August 2005 Enumclaw auction and part of the Cowgirl Spirit Evening Magazine episode, she is now an important part of my life.

Dandy's Cow Sorting Clinic!

Postby Juliane on Tue Mar 11, 2008 9:10 am

I tookk Dandy to a two-day cow sorting clinic last weekend. Mostly we went so that I could spend some one on one time with her - I've really neglected her lately with all the other horses in my care. She only gets ridden on Sundays at drill these days - which has her somewhat irritated! LOL

I've taken her cow sorting once or twice before and she's really seemed to enjoy it and has been a natural, so I wanted to learn more about the sport and see if we could be good enough to actually be competitive if we went to timed cow sorting events.

The clinic was great for us - though the first half of the first day was rough. We spent alot of time working on basics, like haunch turns, fore turns and bending. All of these exercises required leg pressure - which Dandy absolutely cannot tolerate, unless she has a job to do. She's the kind of mare that is great when we are 'doing something' and have a purpose. But schooling in an arena? With leg pressure? Not a good combo for a happy mare.

When we finally got to work cows, Dandy was very good. She is quick, agile and very athletic. She seems to read the cows herself, and needs little help from me. She certainly made me look like a superstar this past weekend. I can't wait until the winter series and see if we can actually go to some events to see how we do against other experienced cow sorters :)

I just love being able to find something my mare enjoys doing and is passionate about. She does drill well, but I think she's bored with it. I still love drill, so she will have to keep doing it for me :P LOL But, I will do the cow sorting for her (well, and for me too!). Haha!

Here's a quick video of one of our practice runs this past weekend. It's not one of our better runs, as you can see I over-run the cow in the beginning. We got a lot better towards the end of the clinic, but each run sure was fun!

http://www.serenitytraining.com/blogima ... 3-9-08.wmv



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