A vet's view & ready for his first ride!

This 8 year old, 15.3hh registered Appaloosa gelding is in rehabilitation as he gains weight lost due to EPSM. He will be started under saddle and available for adoption.

A vet's view & ready for his first ride!

Postby Juliane on Fri Aug 10, 2007 10:53 pm

I took Caleb to see Dr. Hannah for a chiropractic adjustment today since it seemed like his back was sore. There was more than enough room for another horse in the trailer, so I brought along Shadow in hopes of getting Dr. Hannah's opinion on his diet and EPSM disease.

I was very happy to hear her thoughts on his current weight. She gave him a body score of 4.5, with 5 being the ideal weight. I felt like he still had quite a bit of weight to gain, but she thought he looked good. She did say that he could use a bit on his top line.

I explained to her what I was feeding him, all of which she thought was perfect. Her only suggestions were to give him a Vitamin E/Selenium supplement and perhaps to soak and rinse his hay.

The one thing I am worried about is that she didn't think that any EPSM horse should be on pasture. She did say that some horses tolerate the carbs and sugars from grasses better than others, and that Shadow may be fine. So, I guess I just need to keep an eye on him and hope he won't have to be in a dry lot.

He and Dandy are currently at Rex's house for the weekend, as I planned to be there all weekend, helping get the property ready for my horses to move in. When we were done with chores this evening, I went down to work with Shadow in the round pen. I was mostly just wanting to see how he worked in the open round pen, with the other horses running and frolicking within eyesight. I was pleased that Shadow paid attention to me when I asked!

I did our typicial saddling and mounting exercises... ultimately getting up enough nerve to swing my leg over and sit in the saddle. It was getting dark and I was too nervous to actually ask him to move at all, but tomorrow I will definitely be putting his first ride on him. It's all down hill from there! Hehe!!! :)

Here he is today at Rex and Tawny's pasture - I think he loves it there!

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