Thought on Zoe

This exotic 9 year old Arabian mare is in training to prepare her for a home of her own. Previously rescued by Cowgirl Spirit in November 2005, she now requires more advanced skills to be placed in a new home.

Thought on Zoe

Postby el gato on Mon Mar 17, 2008 5:13 pm

I've been working with Zoe for a few weeks now and thought I would post some thoughts. Zoe is a very nice mare and always tries to do well. She doesn't have a mean bone in her whole body.

The main issue that I can see with Zoe is her insecurity. She constantly needs to be right there with you so you can "hold her hand" so to say. On the positive side, I am almost 100% sure that if her rider ever fell off during a trail ride Zoe would not run off. She would be more likely to step on the person as she attempted to get closer and closer.

We've been working a lot on the ground so Zoe will learn more about "personal space". She has already learned that she needs to be at least one stride away from me. If I stop suddenly and she stops to close, she now takes a step back as to not run me over. I have also been putting her in the arena and making her stand there. I walk about 15 feet away and she can't move. This is so hard for her! If she takes a step forward I keep moving her back until she stays put.

Another thing Zoe does it she tends to throw her head around a lot when she has the bridle on. She calms down a little with time. I was thinking it was her reaction to the bit or bridle. but she also does it when ridng or lunging with the halter. Is this just an arab thing? Any thoughts?

Overall, Zoe is a great horse. The person who is fortunate enough to adopt Zoe will have an instant best friend. She almost has a puppy-like personality; she follows you around the arena like a puppy.
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