Getting to know Wy!

3 - 4 yr old, 15.2h black and white paint mare that has been rescued off the Yakima feedlot. She is a joint project between Trish and I and will be temporarily staying at my property until she can be moved to Trish's boarding facility.

Getting to know Wy!

Postby tmoore on Wed Jan 09, 2008 6:22 pm

Today I stopped by Juliane's to spend a little time with Wy. I had not seen her since Saturday and I was itching to love on her and spend some time getting to know her better :lol: When I arrived, Juliane was just finishing turning out the horses into the pasture and Baby was the last one to go out. We went down to turn Baby out and then I got Wy. She was easy to catch and was a good girl as we manuevered through a couple muddy areas of the pasture. She did get a little playful while I was leading her and hopped around a bit. I think she just wanted to play and perhaps was letting us know that she wanted to stay back with all of her friends and frolick :lol:

Once we got to the barn, we took off Wy's blanket and I proceeded to brush her and work on her snarly mane. She was still fairly antsy, but after a while she settled and seemed to enjoy being brushed and loved on. So far, WY is easy to work with...she likes to head butt humans but found out quickly that head-butting does not elicit a favorable response from me or Juliane!! Other than that she is just a typical baby, doesn't like to stand still and is curious about everything around her. That kind of behavior is easy to work with and it's nice because Wy iseems to be a fast learner!

Juliane and I were discussing her color and we think she might actually be a dark bay instead of a true black because she has a brown muzzle and brown hairs on her belly. It will be interesting to see what her color is this summer! Her mane is all combed out now and hopefully Friday Juliane or I will be able to wash the "feedlot mud crud" off and get her spiffed up :lol: I can't wait to hear what Dr. Hannah has to say about her! No pictures because I forgot my camera and Juliane was busy cleaning stalls :) I am sure we will take plenty on Friday!
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Postby myhorsefaith on Wed Jan 09, 2008 6:44 pm

Yay, I can't wait for Friday! :D
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Postby ptownevt on Thu Jan 10, 2008 8:28 am

I have heard that one way to tell if a horse is a true black to look at their muzzle. If their muzzle is brown, they are not true blacks.
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Postby Juliane on Fri Jan 11, 2008 11:37 pm

Dr. Hannah was sick today, so our vet appointment had to be cancelled :( We will be rescheduling within the next two weeks!
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