A big baby girl! :)

3 - 4 yr old, 15.2h black and white paint mare that has been rescued off the Yakima feedlot. She is a joint project between Trish and I and will be temporarily staying at my property until she can be moved to Trish's boarding facility.

A big baby girl! :)

Postby Juliane on Sun Feb 03, 2008 7:53 pm

Wy is so fun to play with - she's just a big baby and for the most part, is gung ho on anything you want to do. She reminds me alot of Baby in her attitude. Except that occaisionally she will get pissy if you push her. LOL!

Today I took her into the round pen, mostly to try out my new 3-step mounting block that Trish brought by. (I'd been wanting one of these for a while so that I could work with Ace in the middle of the arena instead of beside the rail.) However, Wy has been exhibiting a slight stubborn behavior when trying to lead her from the pasture and away from the rest of the herd. She will simply stop and let you pull all you want, but won't budge.

So, we mostly worked on sending today. Wy tends to be REALLY dull, until she gets what it is you are asking for. Once she understood that I was asking her to move away from the pressure and switch directions, she was great. But when I had to ask with more pressure, she would toss her head and leap away, sometimes trying to kick out at me. I just kept asking for more until I saw a change in her - lowered head, licking & chewing and easily sending in different directions without alot of pressure.

Then I kept doing those exercises, but while I was on the mounting block. She was great! One of the best things about Wy is that she has no fear. She's just a big, laid back gal! Working with her is definitely renewing my sense of confidence that has been lacking lately.

Once I had Wy walking up to the mounting block and standing quietly, I'd lay over her back. She was absolutely not concerned in any way - if anything, she was overly curious about mouthing my boots. LOL! I slid off her and gave her tons of praise. I repeated the exercises a few times and then swung my leg over. Again, she was great. She went to take a step, and as soon as I picked up the lead rope, she backed up to her spot again. She was great!

I believe she's definitely ready to ride - depending on Dr. Hannah's age assessment. But I also don't think it's hurting her to just have someone climbing all over her occaisionally. I can't wait until Trish and I can work with her together and put her first ride on her! :)

Here's a few pics - pretty poor quality due to the dusk lighting - sorry!







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Postby myhorsefaith on Sun Feb 03, 2008 8:22 pm

so good!

i'm jealous of the 3-step :)
I need one for Arciniega AND for Cassie's abode :lol:

the piccies look like watercolors! 8)
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Postby cat_67 on Tue Feb 05, 2008 12:20 pm

The last picture is just adorable!

She sounds like she will be very easy to place once she's broke. Did she come with her papers or no luck there?
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Postby tmoore on Tue Feb 05, 2008 5:31 pm

Hey Cat - unfortunately she didn't come with any papers and Sam had no information on her background at all :? It's hard not knowing about her past! I agree that she would be very easy to place once broke, but I am not planning on letting her go! I think she is a real diamond in the rough and very level-headed, which is the kind of horse I am looking forward to riding as I approach the big 4-0 (which isn't too far away now!!). The plan right now is for her to hang out at Juliane's/Rex's place until there is room at my boarding facility, and then she will come live with my guys :lol:
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Postby cat_67 on Wed Feb 06, 2008 11:22 am

Oh, I didn't realize this was a "keeper" for you - well, congratulations, then! I agree that she looks very sensible and I can relate - I no longer want to ride the loonies anymore, either, at this age.
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Postby busted on Wed Feb 06, 2008 4:17 pm

Whats funny is that I am only 25 and I dont want to ride the loonies anymore either. My body feels like it is pushing 40 not just turned 25. I am just keeping my fingers crossed that my filly keeps her level head and sweet nature about her when I start riding her. That girl can buck and rear, it scares me! But she isnt as big as Wy and wont ever be. :D

Wy is very beautiful and would look even better with a rider on her back plodding through the trails up in the mountians!
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