A day off for Skittles

7-8 year old Paint cross mare, rescued off the Yakima Feedlot. Entered training on 4/26/06

A day off for Skittles

Postby Juliane on Sun Apr 30, 2006 10:03 pm

I had originally planned to take Skittles to the arena today with Margie. However, since she has been sick and still has a slight lingering cough, I didn't think it would be in her best interest to let her be around so many other new horses. I think there were at least 20-25 horses there today.

So, she got the day off. I'll pull her out tomorrow and do some more work with her, perhaps taking her out on the hilly trails at the end of my street, encouraging her stamina to increase. She's such an amazing mare - I'm not sure what more I can teach her :) I'm very lucky to have such an easy going horse in my care :)
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