Learning to trust others... (aka: Teeth Floating)

4 year old grey Arabian mare, comes from a Whitebird, Idaho. Her Dreamhorse ad was posted on SAFE's forum and I couldn't help but want to help her. My goal is to help her find her way in life.

Learning to trust others... (aka: Teeth Floating)

Postby Juliane on Tue Mar 04, 2008 10:55 pm

Shakirah had her second vet visit today. She was immediately on edge when I went out to catch her from the pasture. She meandered about, while deciding whether or not she would let me catch her. Once caught and brought up to the barn, she was easily startled and blowing hard about every little thing. Poor girl!

I immediately wanted to be the mother hen and make sure she would be ok and reassure her that nothing bad was going to happen. However, as soon as Dr. Hannah gave Shakirah her first sedative (of three!), I quickly handed Shakirah over to Kelsey, Dr. Hannah's assistant. I had to help my daughter with her pony, but really, I needed a reason to to step away from Shakirah and let her gain her security from someone other than myself.

She was very good for her teeth floating, for which I was proud and relieved. Before floating her teeth, Dr. Hannah did a small amount of groundwork with Shakirah - asking her to pick up her feet, etc. I have my farrier coming out Friday, so let's hope for a good experience, instead of another swift kick! :)

Shakirah is also started on a 5-day dose of Panacur PowerPak. Her fecal results from the last vet visit showed a positive in strongyles. Based on Dr. Hannah's recommendation, I wormed her with Ivermectin. Within a couple days, I could see huge, live worms (like earth worms - gross!) in her manure. It was the nastiest thing I'd ever seen! So, now that the initial worming has been done (3 weeks ago), we can clear her entire system with the Panacur. Yay Shakirah! She is well on her way to being a valuable horse of today's society!

Again, very special thanks to Dr. Hannah and her assistants Lisa & Kelsey for their help and very generous donations!




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