Spring is here and Salsa is back!

This 7 year old Arabian type mare was originally rescued from the feedlot by Cowgirl Spirit. Watch as her training advances.

Spring is here and Salsa is back!

Postby Juliane on Tue Mar 11, 2008 7:28 am

Salsa is definitely feeling the effects of the spring weather (and not being worked since Wednesday of last week!) :) She has a turn out paddock attached to her stall, and has the ability to socialize with horses on either side of her, but mostly spends her time just hanging out. She doesn't self exercise.

Life has been so busy lately now that I am no longer working strictly from home. I was unable to see Salsa this weekend, and hadn't been to the barn since Wednesday. Even then, I didn't 'work' Salsa. I just pulled her out and groomed her.

So, when I got to the barn yesterday, Salsa was pretty eager for some attention. Since I've had her, she's been pretty quiet - or at least, quieter than I remembered her. Salsa usually lives up to her name. Often full of spunk and action.

I spent a couple hours grooming her last night, trying to pull off as much of her winter coat as possible. She was wet from standing in the rain when I got there (I have the barn owner removing her blanket during the day as she gets too warm, and yesterday's rain was warm - I think it was still 60 degrees out). Salsa was great for her grooming and even let me clip her again without too much fuss. She still won't let me clip her muzzle, but we are getting there. Baby steps!

Once I was done grooming her, I took her into the arena to lunge her. I had thought I would ride, but when she started crow hopping and playing at the end of the lunge rope, I decided against it. To be honest, I was laughing like a hyena when I saw Salsa so clearly enjoying herself. I have yet to see her buck and play and have fun. Yay, Salsa's back!

However, she is still very out of shape, as even after 10 minutes of playing and intermittantly trotting and walking, she was breathing very hard and steaming. Poor thing! So, I decided not to ride at that point. Now that she is starting to gain a bit of weight, I need to start working her as often as possible to build her endurance and stamina.

Here's a few pics of her from last night:


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