Salsa's bodywork and teeth floating

This 7 year old Arabian type mare was originally rescued from the feedlot by Cowgirl Spirit. Watch as her training advances.

Salsa's bodywork and teeth floating

Postby Juliane on Sun Mar 30, 2008 12:26 pm

Dr. Hannah saw Salsa on Friday for a routine dental float. I also had her check her back to make sure the issues we were facing under saddle were not pain related. It was hard to assess Salsa's pain response because she was very uncooperative with being touched. She tried biting, kicking and wheeled around any time Dr. Hannah tried to adjust her.

Dr. Hannah did feel that she was out in her ribs, but wasn't able to properly adjust her until after her teeth had been floated and she was still under enough sedation to stand still. She also did 'aquapuncture' which is like the accunpuncture, but she injected Vitamin B complex along her rib meridian. Hopefully this will help!

Salsa has a few days off - and I need to decide whether to ride her myself before Jon's session with her on Thursday. I have a very busy week coming up, so I may just let her have the entire week off and instead just lunge her for exercise. Here's a few pics and her vet report:







03/28/08 Farm Call

Juliane Hanley

Salsa: Bay Morab? Mare, DOB: ‘01

History/Presenting Concern: Due for dental float, vaccinations, bodywork. Behavioral issues, difficulty when asking her to go forward under saddle.

Physical Exam:
Temp-did not take, Pulse-44 and Resp-12 = WNL (within normal limits), MM: pink, CRT < 2sec, GI +/+ = WNL. Heart, lung and GI sounds = WNL. BCS of 4/9. Bright, alert and responsive. Eyes, ears, nose, lymph nodes, sinuses, musculoskeletal, integument = WNL other than: touchy when being handled. Dental exam revealed sharp buccal and lingual points, caudal hooks at 311/411, ramps at 106/206, due for dental float.

Bodywork: Chiropractic: Atlas r, C5/6 l, C4 r, T8/9, T15/17, lumbar compression, generalized ribs out, ++ around T8-10 l/r.

Dental Float: (3 xyl, 2 xyl, 2.5 xyl, 2.5 xyl) Reduced buccal and lingual points, reduced caudal hooks and ramps, applied bit seats, did not allow 103/203 hooks to be reduced at this time.

Vaccinations: Flu/rhino (IMR), Tetanus (IMR), WNVP (IML)

Bodywork: Adjusted ribs on both sides, aquapuncture at local rib points along bladder meridian at ribs T8/10 l/r, (.5 cc B complex each site)

Give Salsa a few days off, then return to regular routine, recommend follow up body work treatment in 2-4 weeks.

Due for flu/rhino and tetanus boosters in 3-6 weeks.

Please call or email with any questions or concerns.

Dr. Hannah Evergreen
PO Box 1494
Monroe, WA 98272
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