Emma's Home!

19-20 year old 13.1h Paint mare was saved from the Yakima Feedlot in March 2006. Is scared of humans and needs to build confidence, love and trust. Entering training in May 2006.

Emma's Home!

Postby Juliane on Sun May 07, 2006 10:23 pm

Emma arrived home today with Rory. My first impression of her is that she is VERY nervous and scared. I had been told she was this way, and had read it about her repeatedly, but I don't think I really understood just how nervous she was. Beth unloaded her from the trailer and explained to me about how much better she was than from just a month ago. Emma also seems to be a bit on the thin side to me, and also has a very large udder. I would think the the suggestion that she has been used as a broodmare is most likely correct.

I haven't gotten the chance to work with Emma one on one yet, but plan to do so tomorrow. Beth walked her across the yard to the barn. She was very snorty and jumpy, at one point launching forward, whipping around and doing a sliding stop when we had to pass a scary swingset. This girl has definitely been traumatized!

She is a very beautiful girl, though I'd like to see another 100 pounds on her at least. I plan to take her for a walk tomorrow, making it as pleasant as possible. Before we start working, she is going to need a severe amount of confidence boosting love and trust interactions :)

Here's a couple pics of her from this afternoon:


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