My thoughts on Emma's assessment

19-20 year old 13.1h Paint mare was saved from the Yakima Feedlot in March 2006. Is scared of humans and needs to build confidence, love and trust. Entering training in May 2006.

My thoughts on Emma's assessment

Postby Juliane on Thu May 25, 2006 1:10 pm

Emma has now been with me for a couple weeks. This girl has had a lot of rough, unkind handling in the past. Her fears are very deep, and just when I think she is coming around, she backslides when not handled for a couple of days.

When I went to pull her out this morning for the vet to work on her, she was VERY nervous. It took me over 20 minutes to catch her, and that was with the encouragement of grain and the other mares busy eating their own grain. Once I had Emma's lead rope on, it took me another 10 minutes to coax her out of the pasture. She was shaking like a leaf.

We slowly made our way up to the barn, each step building more and more fear in her. When we were finally at the barn, she was snorting with every breath and just about jumped out of her skin a couple times. When the vets approached and tried to give her a sedative, you would have thought we were trying to maim or kill Emma. Emma was incredibly worried :(

Emma seems to do ok when worked with on a daily basis, but I get the feeling that because of her intense past, and her older age (22 years old!), she would do best in an environment that allowed her to be a pasture pet. I don't think that Emma will ever be solid enough to be a safe mount, whether it's for kids or an experienced rider - nor do I feel it would be right to ask Emma to learn to be ridden. Emma deserves to retire and learn to be happy and relaxed.

She's had a hard life and should have a relaxed rest of her life.. I'd love to hear others' thoughts! :)
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Postby ptownevt on Fri May 26, 2006 9:37 am

I absolutely agree with your assessment Juliane. It is so sad to hear how terribly frightened this poor mare is. We probably wouldn't even want to know the things she remembers when you approach with a halter or when she smells the vet or when she's on the end of a rope. Poor baby. She deserves a very special place where she might be able to know some love and care. How can anyone sleep when they've made an innocent creature so frightened of them?
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Postby Juliane on Fri May 26, 2006 3:17 pm

I hate to think of what was in Emma's past that causes her so much fear. Here is a very short video clip from this morning. I was simply asking her to walk thought the paddock gate (which we've walked through AT LEAST a dozen or more times in the past). I'd already been asking her for 5 minutes when I shot this clip. This how fearful she is all the time - like she's just waiting for someone to beat her :( ... -26-06.wmv
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Postby Tockita on Fri May 26, 2006 8:52 pm

I think Emma does just need a place to feel safe. I know Cordie got a lot better when she had the stangs around to show her I wasn't a scary mean person. I found that just letting her hang out with us, no haltering, little pressure did wonders, but didn't get us past the final hurdle of haltering.

I have to add that Cordie is only 9.. and was not as afraid of the world as Emma seem to be. I Know that Lifesavers is fixing to open part of their sanctuary but its here in So Cal, and since they have been working towards it for years, it's probably going to fill quickly.

Is there a place like it up there?
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Postby barrelgurl on Mon May 29, 2006 7:23 pm

That poor girl. I would hate to know what someone did to her to make her that scared :cry: . I hope she finds a nice place to live out the rest of her days in peace. In the mean time, you are doing excellent in making her feel better
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