Ace has moved to Montana

This striking 12 year old paint gelding was a bucking stock stallion for all of his life until a couple of days ago. He is now on the road to recovery and trust as he learns that not all humans are bad!

Ace has moved to Montana

Postby Juliane on Fri Sep 10, 2010 9:38 am

Ace will always be extremely special to me, but I just couldn't get us over that last hump for him to be a riding horse. I carried too much baggage with me, knowing him from that first day in the kill pen as a wild, terrified, bucking stock stallion. I believe I took him as far as I could, training wise, and built a strong bond with him. However, I couldn't turn him into a riding horse and he had no job with me, other than a pasture pet.

In May, Jon Ensign, the trainer who held the two colt starting clinics we attended, offered to take Ace back with him to Montana and see if he could further his training himself. If he couldn't, he'd promised to retire him on his 600 acre ranch in Montana. And if he ever cannot keep him, I get first rights to take Ace back home with me.

I miss him dearly, but I truly believe he is in a better place. I haven't heard how he's doing, but hope that whatever it is, he's happy!

I love you, Ace! :)

Feel the Spirit, Keep on Riding!
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