A drill horse?!

B is a 9 year old red roan gelding. He was captured as an unhandled stallion on the Warm Springs Indian Reservation. With 60 days training and lots of love and gentling under his belt, watch as he gains more confidence and experience to bloom into a perfect riding horse!

A drill horse?!

Postby Juliane on Thu Sep 14, 2006 11:44 pm

One of my favorite horse hobbies is the sport of equestrian drill team. I've done it for more than 10 years and absolutely love it. It is a huge passion for me, as well as keeps me motivated to ride my horse even when it's cold, wet and miserable out. There's something very enjoyable about spending an evening with other women and their horses, perfecting drill maneuvers.

I was very sad to miss out on this past competition drill season, but was excited to learn of a team that had openings for tryouts. So, tonight, I went to my first drill practice with the Wind Dancers drill team in Auburn. It's quite a drive - 45 miles one way - ugh! But the members are respectful and determined to be the best, the coach is amazing, and the facility is superb! So, it's worth the drive.

However, I'm also trying to get Mandy, who just adopted B, to join as well. I want her to enjoy riding, more than the typical backyard sessions. So, I dragged her along with me tonight, and while she couldn't ride tonight (missing her parental signature on a release waiver), I wanted her to watch and see if it was something she'd like.

I also brought B along to see how he would do. He's still technically 'green', though you wouldn't believe it at times! He was absolutely perfect tonight! He had no issues with the new facility, the strange horses, or the fast paced manuevers and close quarters next to the other horses. He was SO good! He's definitely a perfect drill horse!

Boy, how wonderful it was to be back in a team environment! I grinned the whole way home and now I can't wait for next Thursday!!!!





Next week, I plan to take Sydney and see how she does, while Mandy rides B. Wish us luck!
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Postby RockinCircleC on Fri Sep 15, 2006 12:22 am

Hope you make the team http://itsmysite.com/winddancers/ ! Looks like a good group! Tell Karina "Hi from Liz." Maybe I'll get a chance to come by and watch a practice sometime soon. Donida's not too far from me.
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Postby seahorse on Fri Sep 15, 2006 3:29 pm

B looks like a seasoned pro out there!! That would be soooo cool if all of you could ride drill together! Once again I am amazed at the things you accomplish with these guys!
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