Margie's 7 day training assessment

12 year old BLM mustang, rescued off the Yakima Feedlot in December 2005. Entered training on 4/26/06

Margie's 7 day training assessment

Postby Juliane on Wed May 03, 2006 9:12 am

I've had Margie in training for almost one week now. Here is a quick consensus of the things she knows and does well, and the things she needs work on:

The Good
Ties - Will stand tied with no issues or pawing
Trailers - Trailers well and quietly
Lunges - Knows how to lunge in both directions at a walk/trot/canter
Saddles - She is easily saddled, not cinchy at all
Rides - Margie has been ridden at a walk and trot in a rope halter and hackamore. She is light to the reins and leg pressure. She has been ridden down the road and did not react to typical horse scary things such as mailboxes, trash cans, bicyclists, bushes, blowing trash, etc. She was also taken to a new and strange arena crowded with other horses, loud music and a blowing whistle. She had no concerns with any of it.

The Bad
Feet - Margie is not good with her feet, she is not comfortable with her back feet being picked up, though will pick up her front feet.
Challenging - Margie tends to challenge her handler. I do not think this will ever go away, she will need an experienced handler that will be very kind, yet firm with her.

That's a quick consensus. I'm sure I forgot some things. I plan to keep working on her bodily and feet discomfort, getting her to the point to where she will accept human touch anywhere. She will need her wolf teeth pulled before she can be trained to ride with a bit, so her new owner will need to have that done or be comfortable using the hackamore.

She is a safe mare under saddle, but more of a challenge when worked with on the ground. She is great in the round pen, joins up with her handler easily and shows alot of respect.
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