Rory's desire to love

This gorgeous black stud was part of the bucking stock string that was at the Yakima Feedlot in December. Will enter training the beginning of May 2006.

Rory's desire to love

Postby Juliane on Fri Jun 09, 2006 10:30 pm

Today was an interesting experience for me. When I went out to clean Rory's paddock and stall, he was right there by my side. He simply wanted to be near me at all times, often getting in the way. This wasn't his typical "What goodies did you bring me" attitude, but more of a "Please spend time with me" attitude.

It was really cool to see him asking (well, begging actually) for attention. I spent alot of time petting, rubbing, hugging, talking to him this evening. He's really turned into a cuddle bug.

Every time I walked away from him, he'd stand there, giving me these doe eyes. I've come to expect these trusting looks that these horses give me, as they learn to trust humans. But Rory's was different. His was the kind that actually made me blush and look away. I felt like an elementary kid at lunch in the cafeteria who just noticed the boy she likes is staring at her, and he won't stop! LOL Does that make sense?

Anyhow, I fed him his dinner, then made the rounds to all of the other horses. Ace was last, as I like to spend as much time with him as possible. I hand fed him grain and scritched all of his favorite spots, then left. When I headed back into the barn to turn the lights out, there was Rory, staring intently at me. I couldn't help but go in and give him a goodnight hug.

He immediately smelled my hands, arched his neck and started huffing and puffing?! Like he does when he's turned out with Ace, or any other gelding. What was that all about? Is he claiming me as his? LOL

I tried to get some pictures of the looks Rory was giving me tonight, but he kept looking away, was in my face and my camera is dying. I am horrible at keeping my cameras running. I always have one in my hand when out in the barn. This one lasted me 6 months, but I dropped it at least a dozen times - one time it even got bucked off with me while riding Patience :P LOL

Anyhow, here's a pic or two of what I did get tonight.. It really was cute - wish you could have seen his looks yourself!


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