Our first ride!!!!

This gorgeous black stud was part of the bucking stock string that was at the Yakima Feedlot in December. Will enter training the beginning of May 2006.

Our first ride!!!!

Postby Nickie on Sun Mar 25, 2007 5:17 pm

So, Rory and I went for a ride today. It was 60 degrees and sunny, so it was the perfect day for it. I went in and brushed him down, I also took the shedding blade to him pretty fierce. He's been shedding like crazy. His stall looks like black shag carpet. So, anywho, I groomed him up and picked his feet and he was wonderful for all of it. Today I finally got to use my baby blue saddle pad I had bought for him. :D (It looks very pretty too!) He was great for his saddling, and since he is not used to the bit I decided to just ride him in his halter for the first time. I think there are enough new things going on for him too.

I led him out and went to get on, and missed. The little stinker kept sashaying away whenever I was about to get up. I finally ended up taking him to the mouting block and practically had to jump down on him. I guess that is something we will be working on. :? Off we went down the driveway and Rory immediately took the lead. I definitely appreciate that he is a speedy walker...I hate it when I get stuck on a dawdler. :wink: He was wonderful on the whole ride, nothing scared him and he went though water, mud and ditches. He did get a little unsure when we had to go around some downed trees and I made him burrow through the bushes though. He also is terrified of my pony who was on the ride too. Everytime Oliver would get near him he would panic and try to bolt. We had to keep a neutral horse in between always.

Poor Rory. He's had it rough in the pasture the past few days. He went out there thinking he was the man and got his butt thoroughly kicked. He is now almost at the bottom of the pecking order and is a little panicky whenever a horse comes up behind him when we're walking. I am thinking that once things in the herd settle down he should calm down as well, and probably start slowly working his way up the totem pole.

He is getting his piggies trimmed tomorrow morning too, so he'll be all set!

I didn't get any photos of the ride itself, but I took a couple of him in his stall after we got back. He is getting quite porky (as you'll see) so he is on a diet, much to his dismay. :twisted: Also, it is very apparent that I am not the photographer that Juliane is, so please keep that in mind.

Without further adeui, here are my photos!



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Postby ptownevt on Mon Mar 26, 2007 3:10 am

Thanks for the pictures. He's really beautiful. There is something special about real blacks. He sounds great out on the trail. I know what you mean about a horse that really walks out. My gelding has a very fast walk. The only problem is riding with other people; they often have to trot or jog periodically to catch up. Rory looks great. I'm sorry he's having a hard time in the herd, but it should settle down. If it doesn't, is there another turn out he could go out in? Again, I am so happy that he is finally there with you.
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Postby LorsaDoon on Mon Mar 26, 2007 4:09 am

He looks so cute with his new saddle pad too.
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Postby cat_67 on Mon Mar 26, 2007 8:02 am

He looks great. I can't get over you adventurous people who get on new horses and go down the trails. Noooo way would I ever do that. I want a nice solid fence around me for my first ride on a horse I don't know! :)
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Postby maefly on Mon Mar 26, 2007 12:45 pm

I'm so jealous! I never got the chance to ride him! I guess I moved home to MN too soon. I'm so glad he's finally there.

I totally agree with you about wanting a horse that can move down the trail. My best friends and I went on a trail ride yesterday. We were all on my horses this time and Arianne brought her friend Shannon with her. Well, we ended up putting Shannon on my dad's draft cross May (due to my current lack of sound horses), who is a sloooooow walker. Arienne, Danielle and I were all on speedy walkers. I felt so bad for poor May. She's a coming 3 yr old and just the sweetest, and that poor girl got a workout! The other downside was that I was on my sisters horse Hank. Hank really wanted to go as he pretty much never gets ridden. Hank gets a little heavy in the winter, he really doesn't do well on hay. So I was stuck on a horse that wanted to go, but I couldn't let him because I didn't want him to start hacking up a lung! I can't wait for our ride next weekend; I'll actually get to ride my morgan mare Keila! Her only problem is that she's fat right now, so I'll be able to relax and enjoy the ride.
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