What is that?! Our second ride and introducing the bit!

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What is that?! Our second ride and introducing the bit!

Postby Nickie on Tue Apr 10, 2007 6:11 pm

Well, first a general update. Rory hasn't been doing so swell with the herd here and has sunk into a depression. He's pretty low in the herd and gets picked on a lot. The pony Oliver that he is terrified of actually will go find him so he can torture him. My older gelding Brit had the same problem and it took him a little bit to finally get the hang of it out there. I have noticed Rory is a lot more jumpy and spooky when I am handling him outside of his stall, and I suspect he's just paranoid that another horse is coming to get him. I also have to practically carry him out to the pasture in the morning.

The other day Rory ended up giving me a nice case of rope burn while I was bringing him out of the pasture. There was no one near him, but they were looking at him so he wanted to be gone. Brit knows that when I go out into the pasture he can hide behind me and he is safe. Nobody messes with him when I am there. I think Rory is getting there with me. he is still pretty nervous, but he isn't dragging me around now. Slowly but surely. I have also started giving him more one on one attention, which he appreciates.

All right, now for the ride. My friend was coming over to ride on Sunday so I thought that would be a good time to get back out on the Roryman. I have this wonderful Happy Mouth bit that works miracles on all bit sour and bit-afraid horses, so I thought I'd give it a go with Rory. So, I came on in to his stall, got the bridle all in position and he caught a wiff of it. He snorted and threw his head up in the air with one eyeball looking down on me like "NO thank you!". After some face rubbing and multiple snorts followed by eyeball glaring, he let me put it to his mouth. I just stood there with it pressed against his teeth and he opened right up. Of course once it was in he was playing with it and looking at me quite resentfully, until I finally got the bridle adjusted properly. He quieted down pretty quick and stood there like a pro. I kept his halter on underneath the bridle and attached a lead rope like reins on that too. The plan was to ride him with the halter and just let him get used to the bit.

So out we went to the moutning block, where he promptly started dancing and shoving me quite rudely. A jerk on the lead and a mean look solved the problem though.

He did well on the ride and by the end I was using the lead rope and reins simultaneously with no problem. We trotted part of the way and he even tried to canter a few strides. He did get a little strong and hard to control toward the end, but it was windy and cold, and the mare behind him was acting pretty fresh herself. After the ride I took him in the arena and worked with him with just the reins. We went over some poles on the gound and worked on steering and stopping. He did great...his only issues were when the evil Oliver pony was by the fence to the arena. he panicks and tries to run accross the arena to get away. He was a little better after some reassurance and just having to stand near him, but is still pretty uneasy. He hasn't figured out yet that he cannot get attacked if there is a fence or gate in the way. Hopefully, he will soon.

So that was our ride. I am hoping that once this cold spell is over we'll finally get some grass growing and everyone will settle down. Oliver is a pig, so grass should keep him pretty occupied. I'll keep everyone posted on how things progress. Hopefully, I'll have good news soon! :D
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Postby cat_67 on Tue Apr 10, 2007 8:42 pm

Too bad you are so far away. Jellybelly has some old broodmares you could turn out with Oliver to put him in his place. *evil grin*

You did exactly what I did with Sunline...she hated the bit so I rode with 2 sets of reins, one on the halter, so that I could use just the halter if she got fussy and felt light in the front end. I think it's a really good way to transition them into a bit!
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